I can’t help it. If a television program has some undefinable, but very distinct quality, I have to watch. Which is why I love both Hak.5 and Pure Pwnage and the new Battlestar Galactica and Heroes.

The most excelling show on the cheaper end of the spectrum is clearly Pure Pwnage. At first sight it seems to be a mockumentary about some very self involved gamer, but, when watching longer and looking more closely it is pretty clear that this show is a gem in disguise. While it is authentic in a nerdy kind of way, behind the gloss of amateur filming there is a strong story with compelling characters, a freakishly fun plot and an insane sense of humour.

Hak.5 is pretty clear. It is a tech show that loves technology, nifty hacks, and underground media, and that pretty much covers my interests as well. Last episode was actually a documentary about Pure Pwnage, so that brings two of my interests nicely together.

As for the higher and of the budget. Battlestar Galactica started of pretty strongly, but after a while it lost its edge, they got too careful with leading characters and that ended up in a lull. This season they have returned with a vengeance, it’s nitty, it’s gritty, it’s great.

The last show I really enjoy this season is Heroes. At first it seemed nothing new, quite generic. Normal people gaining superpowers, Spiderman, Superman and some more of those superhumans combined, but it hooked me nonetheless. As time passed, the characters grew into real, interesting people and the plot progressed beyond expectations. Unfortunately the season won’t return until Februari I heard. The bastards.