I am currently working in a school, and the level of work is not really that high, so most of the time I do my very best to prevent myself from getting bored out of my skull, and in between some menial jobs, my daily dose of tech sites and my 70-270 eBook I manage pretty well.

My supervisor is moving onto a next job, and I can imagine, he has a bachelor’s degree, so he has a reasonable degree of intelligence, which means that administrating some 300 PC’s shouldn’t pose any interesting challenge at all. Last week he astonished me by claiming that he was very happy to leave his job not only because of the lack of challenge, but maybe even more because he didn’t feel safe in that school.

I can’t relate to that at all. When I walk in that school I feel very safe. There are some people up to mischief, which is natural for teenagers, but most are very well behaved. One of the most enjoyable things during a workday for me is just walking through the hallways between lessons. It is busy, but the hallways just vibrate with life. That alone makes a 5 hour train ride worth it.