Last night, right before going to bed, I received an MSN message from an old friend, that had broken contact quite abruptly, so I was curious how her life had fared for the past few years, and talked some more. It turned out her now (fortunately) ex-boyfriend had forced her to break all contact with her friends and family and tried to force her to give up school as wel. She had struggled and emerged, which is a great feat, and we kept on talking and talking until it was 3:15 AM. I considered going to bed at that point but feared that I would never be able to get up that way. Earlier we had concluded that we lived quite close to each other, so I cycled to her place, and we had a midnight walk, talk and hug. When my alarmclock sounded I went home, took a shower, packed my bag and went on my way for work.

Sleep is for the weak.

Note: this post is heavily censured due to too personal information for public disclosure.