My labour needs for the next few months are taken care of. Yesterday I had an introduction talk at a big car importer/dealership in Zwolle. For four days per week I will run the first-line helpdesk, while the people from the second line will pick it up one day a week to keep in touch with the lower level. As far as I have learnt their experience with their previous first line was less than stellar, so I will have to a lot to prove. The best news for me of course is that my travel time has halved with this new job.

After that the day was filled with more OGD goodiness, first I had lunch with my account manager, and two more people, and in the evening it was steakhouse goodiness, since my account manager is leaving the company for a more technical job. Let’s just say that there was a lot of meat, and it was very interesting to talk with my colleagues, they are fun, intelligent, slightly off people, who like to take on a technical challenge. I was in bed a little bit late, so I needed my train time to reach the 8 hours of sleep. Oh well, it was worth it.

It got even better in the train back home today, I received a phonecall that my contract will start the first of January, which is a bit sooner then expected.