The last few days have been frustrating, and it has much to do with a lack of professionalism on my side. One user has been calling the helpdesk. A lot, since at the location where they put the computer, the wireless network simply doesn’t really work. Even though he is a &%$*$#&^ carsalesman, he claims he can’t work at all without a PC. First of all, I dare to contend that. While some mailing facilities are nice, it isn’t like my job, carsalesmen still sell for a large part with their mouths, and the cars do a bit of the talking too.

What really bugged the hell out of me though, were the fact that on one hand he more or less demanded that I fixed things pronto, but on the other hand didn’t show a bit of flexibility. He flat out refused to move his pc to a wired position, run a cable, or timeshare with a colleague. I should just let it go, but he got under my skin, and I ended up frustrated and unsatisfied, time to get myself a teflon coat.