Pro Deo is a bit in dire straits. For years they have had trouble completing a proper board, and to be honest, I should have done just that when i was a student (at least in name). Now they threaten to shut it down if too few people step up to take up the job. For the last few weeks I have been toying with the idea that I might take up the job and save the day, and I must say it was very tempting.

It offers me a chance to retain one of my favorite activities, and it offers me a chance to do some freewheeling in a management sort of function, and it gets clearer and clearer that that experience is welcome, if not necessary in my line of work. Last of all, I can afford the time. In some ways work is liberating. It is clear when and where I am at work and when I am not at work it’s my own time, so there is no need left to mop around and avoid studying and enough space to do what I want.

I shouldn’t though. Pro Deo is a club for students. Non-students can linger for a while, but it is unhealthy if civilians are left to linger for too long, so I would have stepped up in a heartbeat if it were a civilian club. It may be a shame, and it might be the death of a great venue to perform a great hobby, and I should have before, but I shouldn’t, so I shan’t.