I was just zapping on TV, where I stumbled upon some program on Discovery Channel that lists military aircraft. The second item I saw made me turn off the TV in disgust. The item was about J-DAM, some system to change ‘dumb’ bombs into ‘smart’ bombs. Some military expert (in uniform) explained the need to use smart bombs by using the firebombing of Tokio as an example, claiming that they leveled 41 square kilometers of a major city, because the bombs of the age lacked precision.

That is one of the biggest loads of bullshit I ever heard. The Americans struck Tokio, just to hit the civilians. Which is why they conveniently failed to mention that they basically leveled the city with firebombs. I know (and everybody should know) that those acts were barbaric and beyond comprehension, just as the bombings on Dresden were. Usually I really like Discovery Channel, but please bring your propaganda elsewhere.