Or something similarly spectacular. Anyhow, I have been pretty closed mouth up to now what I have been happy about. I won’t ramble about the details yet, because it is a blog and you never know who reads it, and I know that both my current employer as my possible future employer might (or even do) know of it’s existence. But I’ll show you a few glimpses; I have prepared a more complete blogpost for the moment that a deal has been worked out.

For all those that haven’t heard yet, even though I was pretty happy at OGD, I have applied at Joost. So, I had an interview and we seem to like each other very much. So, if we are able to work out the last details (like financial, we still need to discuss those), I will radically change my life once again, and get to work in one of the most exciting companies in the industry. Since we both seem to like each other I am sure we will be able to work out the details, but I am keeping my fingers crossed no matter what.

I have a much longer post prepared that will try to explain why I am willing to risk all my securities for such a gamble, but I will hold that until the deal is closed.