Safari on Windows is still terrible, even after the last few patches, but I didn’t start an entry just to bitch a little. After Safari:Windows was released, a lot of people were bitching about the fact that it’s font’s looked blurry, while I hadn’t noticed that at all. It turns out that Windows and Apple approached font handling radically different. This blog entry tells exactly what and where (and why).

As someone who had done a bit of DTP himself, I tend to prefer the mac way of font handling. I want things to look the way the creator had intended it (within limits). To help things, my eyes have grown used to the mac way of font smoothing, so I actually didn’t see the problem until it was pointed out to me.

One more thing on browsers: lately I was multi-browsering on my iBook, because Safari used native widgets that were easier on the eye, and I needed Firefox for sites that Safari couldn’t handle. Opera just isn’t an option for me, I don’t like it’s interface, too many bells and whistles, and still not native. But, at last, I have found the browser I was looking for: Camino. There are still a few things that bug me, but it is the best browser for mac I have seen yet. It Just Works™