The long wait is over. I got the counteroffer from Joost today, and it was a litte more than I was about to ask before my father told me to raise that amount, so at least I was realistic. Well, all of this is just the financial bla bla. what matters is that I have said yes to a job I really look forward to doing in a company where I really want to work. I have had a job description of sorts, but time will tell what I’ll do exactly and if I can tell you without having to kill you.

I will be a bit sad to leave OGD though. OGD was a great, fun employer, that picked me up at a moment that I was desperate that I wouldn’t be able to get any fun work, being without a degree and all. Unfortunately the first project I got at OGD was the best as well, since it was a programming project, and I think that programming is just plain fun. After that I still was pretty happy with OGD for most of the time. It is a great club of people that is very fun to hang out with. Unfortunately I didn’t get to work with them, but in IT departments of companies, where I always felt a bit of an outsider.

That, combined with the fact that that I am not that thrilled about the prospect of becoming a windows system administrator for the rest of my life, prompted me to grab this chance rather eagerly. Staying with OGD would probably have been fine, but now I get this chance, I realized, that I was settling for less. When I applied for OGD it just happened, while the last month has been one of tension and nervousness, because I was so excited at the prospect.

So, this is me, settling for more. I hope it’ll work out just as great as it looks.