I am sure at least a part of my faithful blog readers hasn’t ever heard of Silverlight, so I’ll give it a small introduction. Drumroll please

*drumroll sounds*

Once upon a time there was Flash, it was owned by Adobe and all was fine. Some people at Redmond, who love to create their own standards, decided to join the game with their own standard, and it probably has it’s merits, but I haven’t immersed myself deeply enough in the material to make any conclusive conclusions.

Anyhow, last week Microsoft had a spot free where the Mono people could show how far they had gotten with implementing the new standard, I they only learned that a few weeks in advance (with hardly anything done yet). In his blog post, Miguel de Icaza, a, or rather the, Mono hacker describes the three week hackathon, and I must say I find it rather inspiring. This just rocks