Claudia was complaining that she hasn’t heard from me for too long, and she has a point, so I’ll write down a bit about what’s going on. First of all I must say that I really like it at Joost. Most of this week I have been doing the basics, doing new things once they come up. This week I spent a lot of time with the quality control operators, but next week I will install the software on the company laptop, and work at my future regular working place.

The coolest thing I heard today is that we get a company dog, a colleague will adopt a six-year-old labrador that sought a new house by way of the in-company mailing list. Second thing I heard is that our effort is validated by Microsoft now. The press claims that they will make a Joost killer, just like they would make an iPod killer I suppose. That means that the press sees Joost as the leading company when it comes to p2p television. I wish them luck (and will sign up for an account to see what the competition is doing ;-)).

Tuesday I looked at a house, and though it looked pretty nice on the internet, I won’t buy it. Not because it is very bad (it might even be quite acceptable), but the living room is just too small. Enough space fot my couches and dining table is all I ask for, so it ain’t that much. I wonder how the current inhabiters do it; they have a big, pretty nice kitchen, but have to eat their wonderful creations sitting on a couch (watching TV I suppose). I must say that I really underestimated the house seeking thing, so far I hate it. I’m also open for good advice, so if any of you knows a house for an affordable price near Leiden (preferably Leiden or The Hague), I’d love to hear from you.