It’s been ages since I have blogged, so it’s clearly time to breathe some life in my weblog again, before it dies of asphyxiation.

Let’s see, what is there to write about…


I’ve been to Scotland, and I made it there and back again. Unfortunately the road was sometimes a bit dull to walk on (by no means as interesting as the West Highland Way), but sometimes the views were very good. I have made pictures too, will upload them on my flickr page soonish. Unfortunately I haven concluded that my camera doesn’t really suffice. Some of the pictures are quite interesting, but overall the autofocus of my camera plainly sucks.

Work (work work work work work)

I work at Joost for almost two months now, and there is no indication that the end of the trial period (in four days) will be the end of my career there, so that is good. Since the last time I’ve blogged, a lot has happened. When I wrote last time I was spending a lot of time living the dream (i.e. watching tv and getting payed) but now real work has started. and it’s getting more and more interesting.

Let’s start at the day just before I got on holiday, when I spent one day on the “Second Annual Joost Company Meeting.” Unfortunately I already had booked my flight before I even had my first interview, so I missed the later days, but I must say that it was fairly interesting. There were some talks (very confidential of course), but they gave me quite a few new insights of where Joost wanted to go and to what degree systems will have to scale.

After my holiday I had my trial by fire, the two persons that usually did the loin’s share of the content ingestion process were on holiday. So. Besides my regular activities I also became responsible for the complete content ingestion process (and I can tell that by looking a few times at the process before your holiday you don’t get much routine). Fortunately one of the transcoding operators really stepped up to her new responsibilities, and managed a mighty bit of the workflow on her own. Besides that, I also became responsible for sample processing, so my days were pretty much swamped, but I managed more or less to push most of the content in time (barring engineering issues). I have learnt that it’s very important that everybody assigns tasks to the right person; it is very hard to keep track off stuff if you don’t get e-mail notifications that it’s your turn to do something now.

Now the others are back, work is getting a lot less busy again. I don’t know how happy I am with that though, I tend to thrive under pressure.


The hunt for houses is still going slow. I am putting myself under pressure though, try to find some more motivation…

Oh, and there is fun stuff too :-) I’ve had dinner with colleagues several times now and that is good fun, talks, beer and all ;-). During the holiday I have re-read Lord Foul’s Bane (by Stephen R. Donaldson). When I read it the first time I was clearly too young for that book, I hated it the first time, but by now I have learnt to see and appreciate how good and deep this book is when you compare it too the crap that most fantasy writers seem to produce.

I also picked up a copy of the Nebula Awards Showcase 2006, with short stories. I haven’t finished it yet, but especially the first story, The Green Leopard Plage, by Walter Jon Williams was exceptionally good. It was a story about gen-tech for the good of mankind and what would happen in a world where work is no longer required to feed oneself, which would make labour the base commodity to make the world go round. It also provides some interesting insights in the economy of starvation that is used in too many (mostly African) conflicts.