Today the two months probational period at Joost have passed, so even though it was pretty clear after a couple of weeks that I would stay, it does feel very good that I’m really there to stay. I’m still very much enjoying my work at Joost, it is very varied, I get more responsibilities than even before, but I think that I can handle them as well as anybody humanly can. I do notice that the extra responsibilities can bite you in your ass though, so, last thursday, when I lost sight of priorities and fucked up a bit, I was suddenly working to past 10 pm to put out fires.

The really cool thing of working in a startup is that there are no best solutions or working procedures. Almost every procedure has been created, and part of the work we are doing right now is inventing solutions and procedures that kill our current jobs. Ain’t life great?

At the moment of writing I’m sitting in the train, being tired, and enjoying the view. The sun is setting and I’m seeing clouds and all kinds of blue and pink. I just viewed a movie Steve (my boss) lent me, it is Danish, cruel and bloody and reminded me of Happy Tree Friends (we have it on the platform too, if you like cruel animation with sweet furry animals, go watch it).

Joost now also has an official blogger, who watches and recommends stuff. While I think it is a great thing that people create buzz and put things in the spotlight, I won’t read her entries anymore, her writing is too superficial, bubblish, and maybe girly for me. I will try to eat some of my dog food, and check out if there is anything good on the platform, I really intend to go look at some Movieola and Raindance features, it could very well be quite fun for a movie buff like me. ;-)

Without spilling any numbers, I am really thrilled about the amount of content that we are beginning to serve, both he technical side, as well as the momentum I see building up, thrill and amaze me, and we are getting more and more content that I really really want to watch (but I can’t watch most of it unless I move to the USA :( ).