It isn’t much of a secret that I don’t like Geert Wilders, our national extremist, fear mongerer and muslim hater. I am convinced that his extreme standpoints and hostile attitude are more effective at alienating a significant part of our population, than they are at minimizing the threat of terrorism. At the same time he is costing out economy lots of money, so I am convinced that we are better of without his kind of people.

At the moment he is holding our national public opinion hostage over a movie that no one has seen, claiming that he can’t release it because no one will let him, oh poor poor oppressed boy. I think he should fuck off, because he is stupid. Anyone with half a brain knows that it’s trivial to publish anything on the internet, and once the message is out there, there is no way to hide it again. So not only is Geert Wilders an arrogant, egotist fucktard, but he is only glaringly incompetent, and that is why he should shut up and fuck off.

I for one do know that ik have the technical and social engineering skills to get the crappy movie of him out to one million people within 48 hours, but I am not going to help him, he should ask one of his extremist friends to fix it.