Like many other IT people I’m an avid reader of thedailywtf, a site about all kinds of things that go wrong in and around IT in companies, and where the only right response is: WTF!

Today I read a post that was not WTF at all, and something that I can really buy. Long story short: Law and accounting have been using the Cravath System from the beginning of the 1900’s

“Here’s how the “Cravath System” works. Bring lots of new employees in, team them up with mentors, provide real work to do, and give them a choice: either get lots of great experience and get out, or work hard for a higher-up position. Whenever you hear someone aspire to “make partner”, he’s undoubtedly working at a firm that’s adopted this model.”

When employees leave an employer, because they have reached their value apex, the point where they aren’t bringing anything new anymore, they don’t become ex-employees, but instead they become alumni, who will gladly refer their friends to their previous employer, if they think that that they need the same kind of experience as they have had. I can relate to this story, and for what it’s worth, I’m an OGD alumnus myself, so at least they did it right.

On work (as far as I’m concerned non-WTF), Joost really wants to hire more people, and they have a whole list up somewhere on the website somewhere, but around me some people are hiring too: We really need someone who can do more or less the same work as I am doing currently, which is making sure content gets online. So what do we need? Computer skills like any college student has, good communication skills, accurate style of working, autonomy, and a drive to get things done right, even with imperfect systems.

Also, a colleague dropped by my desk, and asked if I know someone who has basic scripting, basic database (SELECT and UPDATE), and basic linux knowledge (ls counts) who wants to learn a lot about scripting and converting values to information, to do scripting and business information work. I haven’t worked under her, but from what I’ve heard she is a nice boss to work under, and when you’re done you’ll have gained invaluable knowledge about information processing that will change your resume forever. :-)

So, if you are in need of cool work, ping me, and I’ll set you up :-).