My life has changed so much in the past year that I have a very very hard time to put it into words. I’m working at Joost for over a year now, and the most significant material change is that I bought an apartment. But that is just bricks and things, and to be honest I don’t find that particularly interesting. Of course it is nice that I have a place to live, and it is very nice that it is my own, but it doesn’t feel as that big a change.

The biggest change is in my working life, and actually a long long time of talking with Leo clarified a couple of things that had been running around in my head:

  1. I always like to think of myself as a technical person. My actual actions disprove that. If i get my hands on a book about a programming language (python for example), I take a long time to get nowhere fast, while I read a book about management as a quick snack (of course that is also because those management books are written for idiots, but that’s a whole different story). What it boils down to is that clearly I don’t have the interest and determination to be a technical specialist, and I can very well live with that.
  2. The other thing is about management. I can’t put it into words, but as I am (becoming) something that is called a manager, for some reason stuff changes. I have to be more aware of what drives people, and how to make them great, of what my own goals are and how to pursue them, and not just respond to things around me and just ride along. These things are fundamental, and hard, but, when things are going right, also an awful lot of fun.

I’m pretty sure I have never before learnt more in one year, than during the passed year, and I consider myself extremely blessed that I get to enjoy it, and am extremely happy almost all the time.

If only I had a nice girlfriend too, my life would be perfect :-)