Last week we had a lot of meetings about what we need to do with regard to content ingestion and distribution at Joost, and it has been interesting, very interesting. On Wednesday we had a break out session, and we managed to think up a lot, both things that we will be able to do in the short term, and longer term stuff.

One of the main things where we returned to was who are we doing it for, and this is where we can make the biggest difference. If you look at things like the CBS audience network, big content is rapidly commoditizing. In a way doing Big Content is easy. You put the right content online, have it exclusive, and people will flock to it, because they love it.

What we can do too, and why I personally hope that we will succeed is that we can be a mechanism that enables small, back-of-the-shed-operations, to put their professionally produced content online and make a decent buck from it. I won’t divulge many details about our new product yet, but stay tuned, it’s going to be a great ride!


Okay, this got picked up by the Joostteam blog. Just for clarification: big and small is not an or/or preposition. We still sign on big deals (for example NHK is a huge content owner in Japan that hadn’t done any distribution deals over the internet up to now), and we will continue to do just that, it’s just that if we do it right, we can also help the smaller companies to start making a living of their hard work.