Today is the second day of my First Annual Staycation™, and I must say, it’s weird. I haven’t really taken a break from work for so long that I don’t really know how to do it, so even staying away from mail and Skype has been somewhere in between hard and impossible for me.

I’ll try to explain why. Whenever possible I have always taken work rather seriously, but working in a startup has proven to be a completely different for me. While I always took work quite seriously, since starting at Joost, I’ve started to take things real personal. In many ways this is a great thing. Work doesn’t feel like work that much that way, and that is the only way that I’ve been able to put in an above-average amount of hours (even to Joost standards).

This means that I’ve flung out my heart to the people that I’m working with, and that means not just the Leiden office, but even more with our London and New York offices. In many ways it’s quite like being in love. That’s all good and well most of the time, but right now that means my heart is floating somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, while I am here. If someone sees it float by, can you pick it up and bring it to me?