A documentary about the hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans and it’s aftermath. The movie starts with amateur footage shot by an aspiring rap artist that lives in one of the slums of New Orleans, and shows how people stay because they have no transportation out, how the hurricane hits the city, and how Kimberly, who shot the amateur footage, deals with the aftermath of the hurricane.

Parent’s house (staying there b/c I broke my leg)

On my own

I heard it was a good movie that won prices and such.

Worth it?
Definitely. The movie starts out really strong. The footage of the hurricane hitting the city, and after that the rescuing of people through the high waters using a punch bag is impressive. Later on the pace slows down once they deal with the aftermath, but still worth seeing, if only to hear of the story of people wading through the water, looking for a dry place to stay at the naval base that is to be abandoned by the end of the year, where they are sent away at gunpoint, because the guards are supposed to guard the property, even under this conditions. Seeing this movie makes you outraged at, and disappointed with the US government. This is a movie that you just need to see in order to begin to understand how bad it was.