After his scientist twin dies, a marine in a wheelchair called Jake Sulley gets shipped to another planet called Pandora, where some kind of corporate outfit is trying to strip mine the planet for a material called Unobtianium (srsly, I’m not kidding ya). Unfortunately there are also big blue natives, called Na’vi on the planet, who are having none of it. This is where Jake comes in. They created some sort of hybrid between human DNA and Na’vi DNA that can be remote controlled through some kind of gizmo that looks like a hybrid between a coffin and an MRI scanner, and those remote controlled puppets are, of course, called avatar. Jake is supposed to infiltrate the Na’vi, meets a girl, falls in love, and then hell breaks loose with conflicting interests, feelings of betrayal and everything.

Cinemajestic in Zutphen

My little sister

Dude! It’s the return of James Cameron! It has aliens, strange planets, stunning CGI and everyone who saw it believed that movies would never look the same from now on.

Worth it?
Of course the story is no Shakespeare, but rather Pocahontas meets Dances with Smurfs, but despite the weak story, it’s definitely worth it. It absolutely looks amazing. I liked the performances by Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez. Despite the fact that every event was announced like Checkov’s gun on the mantlepiece, the movie never grew boring because there was so much to look at, and the movie was expertly timed. I have a feeling that the 3rd dimension didn’t add much value, and esp. in fast moving scenes caused me to lose focus, so I have a feeling that I might actually enjoy it more in ole-fashioned 2D, and I’m definitely planning to put that theory to the test, because I do think it is worth seeing twice.