I will try to write synopses that are a bit lighter on spoilers from now on. Steve Zissou, a world famous oceanographer and documentary maker with cheesy music, loses his closest friend at sea to a Jaguar Shark. In a Moby Dickian quest for revenge he sets out with a pregnant journalist and a Air Kentucky pilot who believes he is Steve’s son.

Parent’s house.

On my own.

I love this movie, and need to see it again every once in a while. What is not to love about it. It has dysfunctional families Wes Anderson style, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, amazing production design and is very funny to boot.

Worth it?
I loved this film the previous three times I saw it, and it still doesn’t disappoint. Bill Murray is great as the grumpy, self-absorbed, nature loving oceanographer who doesn’t really understand people at all, Owen Wilson is actually bearable in a movie for a change, Cate Blanchett is amazing like only she can be. I fracking love this movie and there is nothing that can change it apparently. If you have never seen it, be ashamed, buy the DVD and watch it now!