A brainy, booky kid enlists at the marines. This movie follows him as he gets trained up and participates in the first Gulf War.

At parents.

On my own.

Mostly because I was lazy and it was on tv. I had seen it ages ago in the cinema, and do remember being less than impressed, but that it wasn’t half bad.

Worth it?
The main weakness of this movie appears to be the fact that it is trying real hard to measure up to Apocalypse Now, and, well, it takes a lot of balls to take on that film, and Sam Mendes’ balls don’t measure up to Francis Ford Coppola’s. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. There is a lot to enjoy too. It looks pretty nice, Jake Gyllenhaal convinces as lead character. Jamie Foxx is quite often pretty hilarious as staff sergeant Sykes, and the strangeness of war is quite enjoyable. The fact that this film wants to convey the uselessness of war might not have helped either; the lack of purpose in the narrative every once in a while leaves you adrift as a viewer too, making watching the moving a bit of a pointless exercise.