Bliss is a misfit. She likes punk rock, but her mother takes her to pageants. She lives in a sleepy town called Bodeen, TX, but prefers Austin. When she discovers roller derby (think: girls racing around a track, while shoving and punching each other), she discovers something she truly loves.

Parents’ house.

On my own.

It was recommended by my mate Dave McManus

Worth it?
A resounding YES! is appropriate in this case. I effing loved this film! Ellen Page is awesome as ever as the vulnerable, yet kick-ass Bliss. The whole roller derby scene, is funny (I must admit I had never really heard of roller derby before, so I really liked the cheesy team names and call signs like Hurl Scouts, Smashley Simpson, Bloody Holly, etc. etc. The best thing of course is that this movie is not only fun, but, that at it’s core this movie has a heart. I hadn’t pegged Drew Barrymore as a director type, but this is a very good début. Highly recommended.