It’s 2029. Most people have cybernetic enhancements, and crime has evolved alongside. Unit 9 has been put on a case of a defecting programmer and a mysterious hacker called ‘Puppet Master’

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On my own

Ghost in the Shell is one of those I like to revisit every once in a while. It is one of those original movies that a lot of modern movies and television series are still referring back to.

Worth it?
For some reason the storyline in Ghost in the Shell doesn’t ever really stick in my brain (GitS 2: Innocence has the same issue). Nevertheless I never get bored of seeing this film. The atmosphere is great, it’s funny to see where the Wachowski brothers got the title sequence design for the Matrix from, and it still leaves you with lots to think about, esp. when it comes to what defines humanity, and whether machines can be human.I love the work of this director, and I didn’t remember that the posters with the dog (that have an important role in Avalon) showed up in this film too. Time to put Innocence on my to watch list.