(Added Japanese trailer, because it is so much more poetic than the American trailer)

A series of androids, designed to be used as sexbots, all of a sudden disobey their programming, and start murdering their owners. Unit 9 starts to investigate the cause.

At parent’s place.

On my own.

After seeing Ghost in a Shell, I felt like seeing Innocence again (which I remembered as being the better of the two films).

Worth it?

This is the first time that I saw the film and I could follow (and contain) the story from beginning to end. It is as good as I remembered it to be. I had some favorite scenes that I looked forward to, and they were still as good as I imagined them to be (one is the scene where Batô goes on a rampage in a mini-mart, the other the scene with the feverish music in the house of the hacker). It was still astounding how full the movie is with images and ideas, and how much it stands the test of time. Also, the opening sequence of this film is extremely good, so I’m just adding it in for your enjoyment.