Sorry about the wrong aspect in the trailer, this was the best Youtube could come up with.

A doctor gets wrongfully accused of and convicted for the murder on his wife. When he manages to escape, he sets out on a quest to find the real murderer of his wife, while being chased by the US Marshalls.

Parent’s place.

My mother.

This is one of those films everyone seems to have seen, but I have somehow managed to miss it all the time. It was on tv, so it was the easy option too. (It also served as a good reminders why commercial broadcasters suck; too many ad breaks :S)

Worth it?
It’s a pretty good yarn, well paced, solid action, generally more or less believable characters and good chases. As far as action movies go this is about as good as it can get. Nevertheless there were a number of plot holes and continuity issues that kinda spoiled the film for me and interfered with my suspension of disbelief. It’s definitely worth watching if you stumble upon it, but not as special as I had expected.