Trailer is full of spoilers, but actually it doesn’t matter much for this movie.

Juno quite literary, fucks up during sex with her friend, and gets herself pregnant. She now has to decide how to deal with the consequences and make decisions that generally only adults need to make.

Parents’ place.

My mom

Because I watched Whip It! a while ago, I really wanted to revisit that other movie with Ellen Page in it. I really loved it the first time I saw it, and wanted to see if it is still as good the second time I see it.

Worth it?
For some reason the market for teenage pregnancy films has been more or less cornered by cheesy dramas about hopeless white and black trash that get impregnated by people that don’t care for them. The great thing about Juno is that this for a change is a movie that is really about people that care for each other. The stepmom is not an evil witch, but instead is a really warm and caring person, and there is a great scene scene where she stands up for her “irresponsible stepdaughter.” Last time I saw this film, I hadn’t seen The West Wing yet. Now I have seen it, it is even more awesome how Allison Janney uses some of the attitude that CJ has in the West Wing to convincingly portray a nail technician instead. And it is not just one or two characters that carry the movie, but it’s all of them together that make the film an organic tale about real people. This film may have some flaws, but it really brings a smile to my face.