Recently my friend Maryka tweeted that she finds it very odd that the English press still talks about the “ruling class”. I guess that for outsiders this simply isn’t very visible, but fortunately for all of us, the Guardian has a very good piece on why the so-called meritocracy that supports the ruling class is essentially a rigged game:

The one job Cameron landed in the private sector was arranged by his wife’s mother, Lady Astor, who was friends with Michael Green, then executive chairman of Carlton. Green gave Cameron a starting salary of £90,000. He has no more had to stand on his merits than James Murdoch had to interview for a job at News Corp.

On a News Corp. related note see here possibly the best Twitter retort ever:

Pretty things

This video looks like it could have come from Blade Runner (via petapixel)

Three point landing

Now you have seen this you will see it everywhere (via Kirby Ferguson who also made the excellent Everything is a Remix videos)