If companies like Instagram get picked up for a sweet $1B, there is no question that there must be some form of bubble going on. The most bizarre thing is that most of the companies that get sucked up haven’t made any amount of revenue whatsoever, but are all based on the promise that with a lot of users, they will at some point be able to get snatched up by Google or Facebook (and the strangest thing is that VC’s will actually prefer to fund this type of company rather than a normal company that slows growly (but with revenue) just because of this reason. This guy explains things exceptionally well (and his argument is so short and sweet that I can’t pull out any single quote to do it justice).

Need for speed? Try motorpolo!

It looks like the most exciting new sport has been invented in Rwanda. It’s called Motorpolo, and it is fast, dangerous, and has hardly any rules. Even the break time is fairly arbitrary:

The game has few rules. There are five players a team, opposing goals and 15-minute quarters with a “beer’s worth” break in between. The game is played at a frenzy — drivers goose the bikes to 45 miles per hour — as players jab and motorcycles fall. Spectators crowd as arguments ensue.

Clammy hands

I wonder why people would ever do this for fun, my hands get clammy just from watching.

85 bullets

That is all the bullets the German police fired in crime-related incidents in 2011 in a country that has some 80 million citizens (original article in German).

85 Patronen verfeuerten Polizeibeamte in Deutschland im Jahr 2011 bundesweit auf der Jagd nach Verbrechern, 49 davon waren Warnschüsse. 36-mal gaben die Polizisten gezielte Schüsse ab. Dabei wurden 15 Personen verletzt und sechs getötet, wie aus einer Statistik der Deutschen Hochschule der Polizei im westfälischen Münster hervorgeht.

I wonder how this compares to US gunshots (or if they can actually track it the amount of shots fired in the USA).

All the superheroes

After the 3-point landings from a couple days back, we now have all the superhero tropes in one small YouTube video (hey, that sounds quite a lot like The Avengers :P). (via Geeks are Sexy).