Software developers seem to have a bottomless capability to create new languages and/or do something unexpected with existing language.

Of the first category I present to you: Piet.

In the code samples you see that some people have created code that actually looks like a Piet Mondriaan painting, and one person even wrote a text adventure in the language.

The other amazingly cool project is a multiplayer online game that is accessed completely through PostgeSQL: Schemaverse. This is pretty much an exercise in database security, masked as a game, but still pretty interesting.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Der Spiegel (badum-tish) had a really harsh write-up this weekend on why Greece should leave the Eurozone.

If you have the time I definitely recommend that you read it all, it is extremely thoroughly researched and very well written (and depressing).

The main reason why Greece can leave the Eurozone right now is because a significant amount of the bad debt has been moved from the balances of banks to the balance sheet of the ECB and the EFSF (oh joy).

Also, they paint a picture of a country where even many of the civil servants are willing to make the necessary changes work, but the ministers themselves aren’t willing to do so because they are unwilling to give up the power and privileges that they would lose. It makes one think that any member of any ruling class anywhere is unsuitable for their job, because this seems to be the same almost anywhere.