Like any self-respecting gentleman (and closeted romantic) I love LOVE love Pride and Prejudice in almost all shapes and forms. Of course the BBC miniseries (with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy) is fantastic, but I’m still partial to the Joe Wright adaptation too. Especially the music and the art direction are better in the Joe Wright version in my opinion and I really love Judy Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourg and Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennett.

Also, I just like Joe Wright’s style, which is why I also love Atonement and Hanna too (Hanna is very much style over substance, but with that much style, I simply don’t care and I simply love that movie to death).

Anyhow, recently a new adaptation appeared that is Lizzie Bennett’s video blog, and, as is evident from its name, it is a modern time adaptation. By now they are at episode 15, and I still think it is a pretty neat adaptation that does things quite fine on a limited budget.

Projects like this really show how remixing allows for a wealth of content, which is why I think that the current tendency to extend copyright over and over again at the urge of big content providers is very harmful, because right now we can only freely remix content that is over 70-100 years old in most cases, and Disney (who has been the biggest remixer of public domain content out there) has been notoriously effective at lobbying for copyright extension whenever Mickey is about to hit the public domain.

Who sampled?

Talking about remixing, I recently stumbled upon the fantastic site; This site shows songs that contain samples site by site with the original songs and it is really cool that not only they show the origins of vocal samples, but also samples of percussion, riffs, etc. etc. Given that some of the artists I love (DJ Shadow, the Avalanches etc.) make heavy use of samples it is great fun to browse through this site and see how some of the songs I love get deconstructed into the original parts.


While browsing around whosampled, one the frontpage they also showed the origins from Power by Kanye West. I already thought that Runaway was an (unintentional?) surrealist masterpiece, but with Power he has managed to push the same amount of insanity into a 2 minute music video, impressive:

Music video fun time

Now we’re on the subject, I also saw a new music video for Church in the Wild, from the collaboration album between Jay Z and Kanye West and it is classic Romain Gavras

In the beginning you mostly see the viscerality that you also see in the Born Free video (NSFW)

While towards the end it somehow transforms into the joy you see in a video like Bad Girls (also, when is the new M.I.A. album coming out? This song really makes me excited for the rest of the album).

It is also interesting how riots become more and more prevalent in popular culture. Of course there was Livi’s riot ad (quickly canceled when the London riots broke loose last year)

but also in various movies you see that people protesting and rioting become more and more prevalent in pop-corny movies like In Time and The Hunger Games. Personally I thought the District 11 riots was one of the strongest scens of the movie, so that made a pretty big impression on me.

Banksy remixed

You are not Banksy – Flowers

Of course Banksy himself is already known for taking ideas from previous artists like Blek le Rat and turning them into his own style. It is only appropriate that photographer Nick Stern has taken this one step further and has turned some iconic street art pieces from Banksy into photos. Love, love love it.