The other day Neil deGrasse Tyson was tweeting to some nicely produced videos that pair his voice with beautiful footage. The first (which echoes sentiments from Carl Sagan if I recall correctly) is the closest I will probably get to a religious experience. The music from the Cinematic Orchestra under the video makes it even more perfect:

In the same vein he explains how the space race and the manned space race made us dream about the future and why giving up the dream is a sad thing. He is using hyperbole of course, but regardless, space is the final frontier, and we need to keep on heading out.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a fantastic, inspiring person. The interview that Stephen Colbert does with him is also extremely awesome. It includes how he badgered James Cameron on fixing something very important in the Titanic 3D version (85 minutes, but a great watch if you have some time to kill).