I’m going to the Lowlands festival soon, and as I should, I’m looking forward to it immensely. I have been told by people that have been there before that you should not just go for the musical acts because the other things are also really good, but I can’t help but look at the schedule and get incredibly exited about all the artists that I really want to see.

Unfortunately the lineup is so incredibly amazing that I will have to make some tough choices between artists that I really love, so I figured they would be fun to share some.

Feist vs. Nicolas Jaar

The first big dilemma is already on the first day. Feist is a lovely singer-songwriter that writes songs that are simply beautiful. I especially love “The bad in each other” from her latest CD

At the same time Nicolas Jaar plays with a live band. Nicolas Jaar plays jazzy electronic music that I think is really really good.

It is a tough choice, but I think Nicolas Jaar will be the band of choice for this timeslot.

The XX vs. Modeselektor

Ever since I was introduced to the XX a bit over a year ago, I have been continuously in love with everything Jamie XX has produced; especially his Gil Scott-Heron remixes. Still the work that is the XX only is also pretty much fantastic.

Modeselektor on the other hand very happy electronic music from Berlin

Given that I haven’t really listened to Modeselektor for a long time I will be going for the XX (they are releasing a new album soon, so hopefully they will play some things from that too. Even better is that Jamie XX will play a set later that evening where he will be able to play more of his collaboration stuff.

If you are going, do you have any big Lowlands dilemma’s? Even if you’re not going, do you have any big recommendations?