Movie: Mr. Nobody (Director’s cut).

What is it about? In 2092 the last “mortal” man on earth tells about the three possible lives he lived.

Passes the Bechdel test? No.

Did I like it? Definitely. It reminded me of The Butterfly Effect in some ways (without Ashton Kutcher, which is always a plus in my book). There is also a lot of Lola Rennt influence in this film (including the way how repeating yet slightly different shots establish how there are differences between the various timelines).

Initially I thought the film was quite pretty, but lacked substance and swerved a bit too much, but at some point the film got under my skin, also because the repeating symbols start tying the film together.

Art direction and camera are top notch, SFX were a bit weak, but not really immersion-breakingly so. The soundtrack is quite lovely too.

Final verdict: Not as good as Lola Rennt, but still a solid 8/10