Is this thing still on? I guess it is! I was going to bring my blog back from hiatus to add some living abroad/travel stuff, but for some reason I got interested in other things along the way, so I am going to do that first. As many may know Vice, which brings a frat boy style mix of news and entertainment, is getting kinda big, and the New Yorker magazine wrote a really long, interesting article about them that is really worth reading in whole. While, at times, they appear to be rather repulsive, at the same time, their narrative seems utterly compelling.

On a side note they mention that one of their ventures that they do with sponsors, is the Creators Project, which is a joint venture with Intel. As a matter of fact I kinda knew the Creators Project already, as the music video of one of my favorite songs of the last couple of weeks is done in cooperation with them:

Another trilogy of music videos is from M83. The first song is very well known, but the whole trilogy is worth watching, because, simply said, it looks amazing:

Especially the last video is slightly over the top with the visual references to Dune and 2001: A Space Odyssee, but given that I loved those films, I don’t mind :-)

Finally the style and art direction of the last part of part 3 reminded me a bit of this new Samsung ad that was directed by Romain Gavras. Unfortunately the video is private somehow and I am not able to embed it, but you can find a nice write-up on it here.

I love Gavras’ style (as is evidenced here) and this video is just as brilliant.